Is this event free?

Yes, 100% FREE. Please do not pay ANYONE for a ticket and instead reach out to us with the information of the person trying to sell it to you. Sold tickets will be voided. All tickets must be presented at time of check-in at the event.

What time do I have to sign in?
What time will the helicopter drop the eggs?

2-4 Age Group / 
by 9:30AM 
Egg Drop: 
10:00AM – 10:20AM

5-7 Age Group / 
by 10:30AM 
Egg Drop: 11:00AM – 11:20AM

8-10 Age Group / 
by 11:30AM 
Egg Drop: 12:00PM – 12:20PM

11-13 Age Group / 
by 12:30PM 
Egg Drop: 1:00PM – 1:20PM

14-16 Age Group / 
by 1:30PM 
Egg Drop: 2:00PM – 2:20PM

Where is this event?

The Great Outdoors RV
HWY34 / HWY257
11521 21st St. Greeley CO 80634

Why does my ticket say 11:00AM? Doesn’t the event start at 9?

This was a glitch within our system that caused the event to run a partial amount of tickets on eastern time. This event, as a whole, will start at 9:00AM MST. Please refer to the question above for specific sign in / egg drop times.

What do I need to do to sign my child in?
What will my child receive upon arrival?

Upon arrival, please present your ticket(s) to a member of our team at our check in booth. We will then give your child(ren) a bag for their eggs and a wristband that color coordinates with their age group.
NOTE: No child will be allowed into an egg drop their wristband does not coordinate with, for their safety and the safety of others. We hope it is understood that there is a certain amount of vetting we must do for the safety of all attendees – so please prepare any proof you may need of age ahead of time in any special circumstances. We don’t want anyone missing out on this event due to age constrictions or dishonest ticket sales.

If my age group is sold out – can I buy tickets from other age groups?

No. All tickets were claimed on a first come, first served basis, and once an age group’s tickets are sold out, they are sold out for both their safety and to ensure each child that was signed up with honest intent will receive enough eggs. The Great Outdoors RV reserves the right to void ANY tickets claimed under false pretense according to the NOCO Egg Drop Waiver. If you missed out on your age group this year, please click here to be on the list to sign up first next year!

Can I give my ticket to someone else?

No. We will be checking tickets against a list of names upon sign in, so if you cannot attend please refund your ticket and let the person you’d like to give it to sign up on their own.

How can I refund my ticket?

Please click here for all refunds.
If you are unable to attend, please refund your ticket(s) as soon as possible to allow that slot to open up.

Will there be food trucks?

Yes! Our lineup includes the ever-incredible Cheese Love Grill, The Snowy Churro, and Lucky Mary’s baking company.

What is in the eggs?

We have a plethora of prizes – most for the kids including candy, toys and small games, and some specialty items… if they can be found! Our sponsors have donated these specialty items that are split up between all age groups and hidden throughout our 50,000 eggs, so parents, be sure to check what might be your children’s trash for your treasures before you leave the dealership! These incredible prizes… well, we won’t tell you what they are, but you can expect them from these generous sponsors: Macdonald Heli Tours, Chick-Fil-A, the Greeley Stampede, the Colorado Eagles, Picasso and Wine, and our own TGORV. Happy hunting!

Please send any other questions here: